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Expanso and Motherduck Join Forces To Deliver Distributed Data Analytics


Motherduck and Expanso today announce a partnership that will unlock the future of data analytics. The partnership combines the strengths of Bacalhau, the open source project for efficient and secure distributed computation, with Motherduck, a serverless analytics solution powered by DuckDB.

“We are excited to partner with Expanso to bring the power of Bacalhau to Motherduck’s users” said Jordan Tigani, CEO at Motherduck. “This partnership will allow organizations to analyze their data more efficiently and securely, while also reducing the complexity of their data infrastructure.”

The combination of Bacalhau and Motherduck provides a powerful and flexible platform for data analytics. Organizations can use Bacalhau to perform computations at the edge, use DuckDB to process the data, and store the results in Motherduck. This approach can significantly improve the performance and scalability of data analytics workflows.

“We are thrilled to partner with Motherduck to bring the power of Bacalhau to a wider audience,” said David Aronchick, CEO of Expanso. “This partnership will make it easier for organizations to analyze their data to get faster, and more cost effective, results.”

The partnership between Motherduck and Expanso is a significant development in the field of data analytics. By combining the strengths of Bacalhau and Motherduck, this partnership will enable organizations to analyze their data more efficiently, securely, and easily.



About Motherduck

Motherduck is a serverless analytics solution that makes it easy to query and analyze data stored in DuckDB. DuckDB is an in-memory SQL OLAP database that is designed for high performance and scalability.

About Expanso

Expanso is a company that develops open source software for distributed computation. Bacalhau is an efficient and secure distributed computation platform that enables computations to be performed at the edge, where data is generated and stored. This approach significantly reduces latency and bandwidth requirements, while also improving security.